#4 Portal

In VR this portal is in place of a hallway in physical reality. Labeled as #5, it contains 5 realizations that can help us improve our lives. In a way, as you travel down the portal and implement these 5 realizations, you teleport to the new you. The tapestry talks about how the portal will take you to the other side. Indeed, it does, because at the end of the portal there is a link to the creator’s book (“The Other Side”) that became a #1 International Best Seller. If you are in Los Angeles, you are encouraged to purchase the book because on the picture you will see a page number. In the book,, on that page you will find a QR code that takes you to your exclusive Double Reality Gallery LA tour in real life. The passcode that you will get from the Buddha is your 100% discount code to come to the gallery in person and find the treasure under the rug, just how the tapestry says. If you are not in LA, it’s okay you can still find the treasure, but through AR.

When you purchase the video you receive for FREE:

1) Tiltbrush file to explore/modify the sketch in VR:

2) Minted Glb file:

3) Minted Blink AR link to see this piece in Augmented Reality:

4) Minted image;

5) A link to one of the diagrams that is on the wall in the hallway at Double Reality Gallery LA and a 4k version of the video.

For the AR experience, you would have to download Blinxel (Blink) from the app store of your mobile devices. The VR experience comes as a glb and Tiltbrush files. You would have to have a VR headset and download Google Tiltbrush from the app store. Then place the Tiltbrush file into the “sketches” folder.


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