#2 Fridge of Oneness

In our virtual reality replica of the physical gallery space, this is located where the refrigerator is in physical reality, hence the name The Fridge of Oneness. It is labeled as #6 because it contains the sacred message inside of it about how to open your 6th energy center, which is your third eye. Be sure to look everywhere inside the fridge. It takes the message delivered by the tapestry much further because it explains that in order for us to unlock the divinity within, we have to transcend through the polaristic view of ourselves, others, this world and the circumstances in our lives. For that we have to look at everything and everyone including ourselves through the eye of oneness. This is the second piece of the puzzle because the picture contains the link with a blank space in the middle that has to be filled in, in order to find the ultimate prize, that is the 7th part of this collection. The collector needs to collect the remaining 4 parts in order to unlock the secret term to insert.

When you purchase the video you receive for FREE:

1) Tiltbrush file to explore/modify the sketch in VR:

2) Minted Glb file:

3) Minted Blink AR link to see this piece in Augmented Reality:

4) Minted image with a link to the 4k version of this video;

5) An invitation to our group meditation.

For the AR experience, you would have to download Blinxel (Blink) from the app store of your mobile devices. The VR experience comes as a glb and Tiltbrush files. You would have to have a VR headset and download Google Tiltbrush from the app store. Then place the Tiltbrush file into the “sketches” folder.

Watch Virtual Reality Demo Here

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