#7 Double Reality Gallery Tunnel

The treasure! This is listed Under #3 on the back of the tapestry because this is the third gallery that was built by Dan Ginzburg. You can only find this NFT by following the link from the Fridge of Oneness as it is not on the creator’s profile. This rug is in the Double Reality Gallery TUNNEL which is the world’s 1st AR/VR event space, where Dan, the creator of this collection celebrated his 30th birthday. This rug has endless meaning because the physical version was purchased back in 1968 by Dan’s aunt Anna Vasilevna Ponomareva who is a World War II veteran and who passed away right before the TUNNEL was built. But her rug lives on. The rug was Lightformed and used to draw the VR version of it. This is a primal example of how the history of the past decade can continue into the future, using the latest, present-day technology.

When you purchase the image using Tezos, you receive for FREE:

1) The image comes to life when you look at through the Artivive App

2) Minted GLB file

3) 5 NFTs of the Lightform show on the rug at Double Reality Gallery Tunnel,

4) $200 gift card to shop for AR / VR art at

5) A link to the documentary of how this event space was built in the metadata of the minted GLB file

6) This is your exclusive VIP priority invitation to the next Double Reality Gallery TUNNEL NFT Collection. That is where people get to explore the whole gallery in VR and AR and find out the significance of the shape on the back of the tapestry from this series and how it will help the purchaser find hidden coordinates on a map that takes them to a spiritual location that reveals to them the truth about Dan Ginzburg’s most sacred turning point of his life. An invitation will be airdropped to your wallet.

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NFT drop is scheduled on September 20, 2022 at 11:11 am