#3 Couch

This is our famous Tsunami couch that is in our VR replica of the physical couch in Double Reality Gallery LA. It is labeled as #7 because it contains sacred messages on the back of the throne to help you open your 7th energy center. However, the additional importance of this NFT are the numbers underneath the word TSUNAMI. You will need to rearrange the letters to decode the passcode. The buddha will tell you how to do that. The numbers and the order that they are in under the word TSUNAMI also has a significance that can be realized when looking at the back of the tapestry. Even to the creator of this collection this remains to be a mysterious paradox of how these numbers added up to a perfect 30. Because the creator’s 30th birthday was celebrated in the Double Reality Gallery Tunnel, which is where this collection is taking you.

When you purchase the video you receive for FREE:

1) Tiltbrush file to explore/modify the sketch in VR:

2) Minted Glb file:

3) Minted Blink AR link to see this piece in Augmented Reality:

4) 2 minted images;

5) An invitation to book a photoshoot at Double Reality Gallery LA.

For the AR experience, you would have to download Blinxel (Blink) from the app store of your mobile devices. The VR experience comes as a glb and Tiltbrush files. You would have to have a VR headset and download Google Tiltbrush from the app store. Then place the Tiltbrush file into the “sketches” folder.

Watch Virtual Reality Demo Here

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