#5 Buddha

This is labeled as #1 because it relates to the 1st chakra and is part of the 1st gallery we built during the 2020 pandemic. Ironically what closes the 1st chakra the most is fear. Since we had faith, we had no fear and that is what allowed us to ascend during the pandemic economically, socially, and spiritually. This word your 100% discount code to visit the physical gallery AND the word you will need to unlock the 7th NFT. Purchasers have to rearrange the letters in the word on the back of the couch according to the number sequence in the code in the Buddha’s hair. Once rearranged, please reference back the couch to retrieve the letters that correspond with each number to put the letters in the right order. The word you get, is in Algonquian religious belief, means a supernatural power that permeates the world, possessed in varying degrees by both spirits and humans. A power we all have within that we can tap into if we see the world through the eye of oneness, hence the message on the fridge and the portal.

When you purchase the video you receive for FREE:

1) Tiltbrush file to explore/modify the sketch in VR:

2) Minted Glb file:

3) Minted Blink AR link to see this piece in Augmented Reality:

4) Minted image;

5) A dropbox link to the 4k version of the video.

For the AR experience, you would have to download Blinxel (Blink) from the app store of your mobile devices. The VR experience comes as a glb and Tiltbrush files. You would have to have a VR headset and download Google Tiltbrush from the app store. Then place the Tiltbrush file into the “sketches” folder.

Watch Virtual Reality Demo Here

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