Amruta - by Jens Kull


Free NFTs


“The journey into the pineal gland starts with our breath.”

Upon purchasing the physical artwork the purchaser will receive for FREE:

1. Digital file of the picture in 23k resolution and 100 DPI  
2. Tiltbrush file to explore/modify the sketch in VR 
3. Link to the Augmented Reality experience via Blinxel App
4. This art piece comes to life when looked at it through Artivive mobile App. 

About Jens:

Jens Kull is an award-winning media artist from Switzerland who focuses on immersive art and XR concepts.
He started his artistic endeavors taking pictures and videos of his musician friends in his hometown Basel and then moved to Mexico City where he studied Photography, Visual Effects and Video Compositing.
His unique methods for the observation of people and urban spaces led to internationally shown immersive work which consist of sequenced photography, projected video composition, and video installation.
Jens Kull always interweaved current technology with a variety of new media, with the objective to unfold unique angles of realities and pushing the possibilities of the observation of the self, nature and the navigation of emotional landscapes with music, bending perception of time and space from within the Metaverse.
Kull has a collaboration-based network of artist, entrepreneur, and scientist friends mostly between Los Angeles, Mexico City and Switzerland and is using smart contracts in the NFT realm to impulse fair conditions for creators.

Art Size

20 x 36 inches Print



Price – $2990

Upon purchasing this NFT the purchaser will receive for FREE:

1) A link to the Tiltbrush file to explore/modify the sketch in VR:

2) Minted Glb file to use in Unity with the Tiltbrush link in the metadata:

3) Minted Blink AR link to see this piece in Augmented Reality. Must download the Blinxel app:

4) Minted picture of the static art piece that will come to life when one looks at it through their mobile device using Active App. Must download the App first to use;

5) A Link to the 4k version of the NFT video in the metadata of the picture NFT.

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